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BMW G8X Downpipes





BMW G80 / G81 M3 / Touring / Competition

BMW G82 M4 / Competition

Model Year2021+
Engine3.0TT S58
OPF / Non-OPF VehicleNon-OPF Vehicles


Tovi Performance Race Downpipes increase power and torque on your S58-powered BMW while unleashing exotic sounds from your tailpipes.  The Tovi Performance S58 downpipes are one of, if not the best all around hardware upgrades for the G8X platform. Our downpipes improve throttle-response throughout the RPM range while stepping up the exhaust note, all without the need to replace the entire catback system on your S58. 

By reducing backpressure on your S58's turbos, you are able to spool faster and hit target boost quicker.  The outcome is more power sooner, resulting in faster 0-60 and 1/4 miles times.  If you are planning to tune your S58, this will benefit your G8X even more, as the backpressure will increase on S58's running higher than OEM boost.