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McLaren 720S Race Downpipes



The McLaren Race downpipes with heat shields are performance modifications made to enhance the exhaust system of a McLaren sports car. 

The heat shields are added to the downpipes to protect the surrounding components from the increased heat generated by the exhaust gases. This helps prevent damage to the underbody and other parts, and also improves the durability and longevity of the exhaust system.

Please note that installing Race downpipes may not be legal in all regions, and can affect the emissions output of the vehicle, potentially leading to problems with emissions testing. Additionally, the increased noise levels may not be suitable for everyone, so it is important to consider the local laws and regulations before making any modifications to your vehicle.



The Downpipes are constructed from high-quality T304 stainless steel, which provides durability, corrosion resistance, and an attractive appearance. The improved exhaust flow provided by the downpipes can increase power output and improve throttle response. The downpipe is designed to be a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory mid pipe, making installation quick and easy.