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McLaren 720S Titanium F1 Exhaust



Crafted from top-quality titanium, this system is lightweight, highly durable, and can stand up to the elements of the intense heat produced by the twin turbo V8 engine. The system features free-flowing 76mm piping throughout which is a complete replacement for the stock muffler. The exhaust does not use any sport valves for resonators to give you one exotic supercar sound. Enhancing the rear end of the McLaren 720S are a pair of stunning 102mm exhaust tips of your choice. This exhaust for the McLaren is designed to work with stock or aftermarket race downpipes.



  • F1 racing sound
  • Pie cuts and titanium welds by master welder
  • 3.0 inch exhaust
  • Weight savings over factory exhaust
  • Entire system weighs only 11 lbs. with exhaust tips and clamps