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ToVi Performance is committed to your satisfaction, and we are eager to collaborate with you to address and resolve any concerns you may have. Before initiating a claim, please consider the following important points:


ToVi Performance guarantees the quality of its products, ensuring they are free from any material or workmanship defects. This warranty is applicable exclusively to the initial purchaser, who must provide proof of purchase, and for the original vehicle where the product was initially installed. Please note that this warranty is non-transferable and remains valid for a period of 12 months from the installation date. All expenses associated with shipping and duty fees related to this warranty are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Upon receipt of the product, it is the buyer's personal responsibility to inspect the condition of the parts before installation. If any components exhibit defects in material and workmanship, the buyer should record these issues, promptly contact ToVi Performance, and return the product within 30 days. We will replace any defective items at no cost, but the transportation expenses will be borne by the buyer.

The warranty will be void if product damage is a result of improper installation or misuse, including but not limited to activities such as off-roading, racing, unauthorized modifications to the product, inadequate maintenance, impact damage, or any other damage incurred through the use of the product for purposes other than those intended by the manufacturer.

To maintain the integrity and functionality of the exhaust system, the valves will automatically open in OFF Mode when reaching 4500 RPM or when turbo pressure reaches 0.8 bar as a safety precaution. It is important to note that removing the catalytic converter from the exhaust system may increase the likelihood of triggering the 'Check Engine' warning, and our warranty does not cover this or other software compatibility issues. To prevent potential conflicts, we recommend reprogramming the vehicle's ECU.

To preserve the warranty status of ToVi Performance exhaust systems, they must be installed by certified technicians. We reserve the right to withhold credit issuance until the defective part has been returned and examined to determine the cause of the failure.

ToVi Performance will not be liable for damages resulting from everyday wear and tear that occur during normal driving conditions, including but not limited to man-made or natural damage to external surfaces, internal degradation, discoloration, rust, and corrosion. Such wear and tear are unavoidable, and we recommend regular maintenance and care to extend the product's lifespan and preserve its performance.

Effective Date:

This warranty is effective as of October 28, 2023. ToVi reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this warranty without prior notice. Please visit our website or contact us for the most up-to-date warranty information.


ToVi Performance/ToVi Racing Street, Sport, and Racing Coilovers Warranty

Limited Warranty Coverage:

ToVi Performance/ToVi Racing, hereinafter referred to as "ToVi" offers a comprehensive limited warranty for its Street, Sport, and Racing coilovers ("Products") against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty is designed to provide peace of mind and assurance of quality to our valued customers. Please read this document carefully to understand the warranty terms and conditions.

Warranty Period:

  1. Street and Sport Coilovers: The warranty period for Street and Sport coilovers is 90 days from the date of purchase. This warranty is valid for the original purchaser and is not transferable.

  2. Racing Coilovers: For Racing coilovers, the warranty period is 90 days. Please note that Racing coilovers are designed for high-performance and racing applications and are subject to specific conditions and limitations outlined in this warranty.

Warranty Claims:

  1. Initial Inspection: Upon receiving the Products, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to conduct a thorough inspection to ensure the Products are free from defects and shipping damage prior to installation.

  2. Notification: If any defects in materials or workmanship are identified within the warranty period, the purchaser must promptly contact ToVi to initiate a warranty claim.

  3. Return Procedure: To process a warranty claim, the purchaser must return the defective Products to ToVi's designated facility within 30 days from the date of the warranty claim initiation.

Warranty Coverage:

  1. Defective Products: If the Products are found to be defective in materials or workmanship within the warranty period, ToVi will, at its discretion, either repair or replace the defective Products free of charge. The transportation costs associated with the warranty claim, including return shipping, are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Conditions and Limitations:

  1. Racing Coilovers: Racing coilovers are designed for high-performance and racing applications. As such, the following conditions and limitations apply:

    • This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship but does not cover damage resulting from racing, competitive events, or any use beyond normal driving conditions.

    • Racing coilovers may experience higher wear and tear, and therefore, this warranty covers them for 90 days.

    • Warranty claims for Racing coilovers must be accompanied by a detailed description of the use and conditions under which they were operated.

  2. Voided Warranty: This warranty will be considered void in the following circumstances:

    • If the Products are improperly installed.

    • If the Products are used for purposes beyond their intended design.

    • If unauthorized modifications or alterations are made to the Products.

    • If there is a lack of proper care and maintenance.

    • If damage occurs due to impact or misuse.

  3. Software Compatibility: Modifications to the vehicle's electronic control systems, such as ECU remapping, may impact the coilover suspension system's functionality. Warranty coverage does not extend to software incompatibility issues.

  4. Recommended Vehicle Modifications: ToVi recommends that any modifications made to the vehicle that affect the coilover suspension system are carried out by certified technicians to maintain warranty coverage.


  1. This warranty does not cover damages resulting from normal wear and tear, including but not limited to:

    • Man-made or natural damage to the external surfaces.

    • Internal deterioration.

    • Discoloration.

    • Rust and corrosion.

Legal Rights:

  1. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state or by jurisdiction.

Contact Information:

For warranty claims or inquiries, please contact:

ToVi Performance

9751 Delegates Dr.

Suite 400

Orlando, FL 32837

+1 (689) - 269 -1903

Effective Date:

This warranty is effective as of October 28, 2023. ToVi reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this warranty without prior notice. Please visit our website or contact us for the most up-to-date warranty information.

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